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The Achievement Diary (also known as Diaries) is a one-off set of tasks and challenges that can be completed to obtain rewards and various benefits. Each Achievement Diary consists of tasks that are usually tied to a specific area, and are intended to test the player's skills and knowledge about the said area. There are currently twelve areas that have an Achievement Diary.

The tasks of each area are split into four categories based on their difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. The easiest tasks usually do not require any significant skill levels to complete, but most higher-level tasks require the player to have high skill levels and difficult quests completed, as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular area within Gielinor, such as the TzHaar Fight Cave.

Diary difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s. For this reason, if you are pursuing to complete all of a specific difficulty of diary, it is recommended that you have all your skills at the diary difficulty level.

Should you complete all tasks of one difficulty without having completed the tasks for the previous difficulty for one area, the taskmaster will tell you to complete all of the tasks of the previous difficulty before claiming your reward.

List of diaries

Diaries Main reward Highest requirement
Ardounge Diary Ardounge cloak Agility.png90 Agility Guide
Desert Diary Desert Amulet Fletching.png95 Fletching Guide
Falador Diary Falador shield Mining.png90 Mining Guide
Fremennik Diary Fremennik boots Smithing.png85 Smithing Guide
Kandarin Diary Kandarin headgear Fletching.png85 Fletching Guide
Karamja Diary Karamja gloves Herblore.png87 Herblore Guide
Kourend & Kebos Diary Rada's blessing Slayer.png95 Slayer Guide
Lumbridge & Draynor Diary Explorer's ring Hunter.png89 Hunter Guide
Morytania Diary Morytania legs Crafting.png84 Crafting Guide
Varrock Diary Varrock platebody Herblore.png90 Herblore Guide
Western Provinces Diary Western banner Slayer.png93 Slayer Guide
Wilderness Diary Wilderness sword Smithing.png90 Smithing Guide

All requirements


Total level: ~252
Attack.png - Hitpoints.png - Mining.png 40
Strength.png - Agility.png 35 Smithing.png 33
Defence.png - Herblore.png 12 Fishing.png 23
Ranged.png - Thieving.png 5 Cooking.png -
Prayer.png - Crafting.png - Firemaking.png 15
Magic.png - Fletching.png - Woodcutting.png 35
Runecraft.png - Slayer.png - Farming.png 26
Construction.png - Hunter.png 29

Medium :

Total level: ~714
Attack.png - Hitpoints.png - Mining.png 40
Strength.png - Agility.png 52 Smithing.png 30
Defence.png - Herblore.png 48 Fishing.png 43
Ranged.png - Thieving.png 38 Cooking.png -
Prayer.png - Crafting.png 40 Firemaking.png 60
Magic.png 66 Fletching.png 55 Woodcutting.png 45
Runecraft.png - Slayer.png 62 Farming.png 72
Construction.png - Hunter.png 63

Hard :

Total level: ~1,054
Attack.png - Hitpoints.png - Mining.png 70
Strength.png - Agility.png 60 Smithing.png 77
Defence.png - Herblore.png 48 Fishing.png 76
Ranged.png - Thieving.png 70 Cooking.png 80
Prayer.png - Crafting.png 40 Firemaking.png 60
Magic.png 66 Fletching.png 80 Woodcutting.png 90
Runecraft.png - Slayer.png 85 Farming.png 85
Construction.png - Hunter.png 67

Elite :

Total level: ~1,075
Attack.png - Hitpoints.png - Mining.png 90
Strength.png - Agility.png 90 Smithing.png 91
Defence.png - Herblore.png 90 Fishing.png 85
Ranged.png - Thieving.png - Cooking.png -
Prayer.png - Crafting.png 84 Firemaking.png -
Magic.png 86 Fletching.png 95 Woodcutting.png -
Runecraft.png 90 Slayer.png 95 Farming.png 90
Construction.png - Hunter.png 89