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Graceful Hood.png

Graceful clothing is weight-reducing gear that can be bought from Grace. You can get here by using the teleport wizard under skilling teleports, the location is in the Rogues' Den beneath The Toad and Chicken in Burthorpe. The pieces are bought with marks of grace, which are obtained by completing Rooftop Agility Courses.

A player wearing the graceful outfit.

While individual pieces of the graceful outfit will increase the rate of the player's natural run energy restoration (adding up to 20%), wearing the full graceful outfit gives an additional 10% bonus, giving a total of 30% increased natural run energy restoration.

Graceful clothing is not lost upon death unless in the Wilderness and above level 20.


Item Weight reduction Run energy restoration rate Cost (in Marks of grace.png) Sells for (in Marks of grace.png) Reduction per mark

(kg per Marks of grace.png)

Run energy restoration per mark

(% per Marks of grace.png)

Graceful hood (black and white).png Hood -3kg +3% 35 28 0.086 0.086
Graceful top (black and white).png Top -5kg +4% 55 44 0.091 0.073
Graceful legs (black and white).png Legs -6kg +4% 60 48 0.100 0.067
Graceful gloves.png Gloves -3kg +3% 30 24 0.100 0.100
Graceful boots (black and white).png Boots -4kg +3% 40 32 0.100 0.075
Graceful cape.png Cape -4kg +3% 40 32 0.100 0.075
Complete set -25 kg +30% 260 208 0.096 0.115

The Graceful outfit can only be bought with marks of grace, which can only be obtained by running laps on Rooftop Agility Courses. Buying the entire set takes 260 marks.


Options dark dye

When you've purchased the graceful outfit from Grace you can recolour the pieces by using a mark of grace on a piece. Shoes, gloves and hood costs 24 marks, top and legs costs 36 marks and the cape costs 28 marks to recolour. Each of the colours can be applied on your piece by this method but the dark outfit. The dark graceful outfit can only be applied on by using dark dye on a graceful piece. When you use dark dye on a piece you'll get the option to choose between the original version or a customer one, the original is slightly lighter than the custom variant.

Graceful outfit equipped.pngPurple.pngBlue.pngGold.pngRed.pngGreen.pngWhite- black.pngDark blue.pngBlack.png