Lunar Diplomacy

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Lunar Diplomacy

Lunar Diplomacy is a mid game quest that upon completion will give you access to purchase the full Lunar set and the Helm of Neitiznot


Start Speak to the Oneiromancer south of Edgeville near the yew trees to begin the quest.
Description The Oneiromancer will have you enter a dream state to slay the creatures she's been dealing with.
Items A weapon, armor, potions, and food to defeat a level 343, 223, 274, and 108 enemy.
  • A combat level of 60+
  • 65 Magic
  • 40 Defence
  • 70+ in all melee stats
  • Stat boosting potions and food to take on 4 high level enemies
  • 1 Quest point
  • Access to Lunar spells
  • Access to the Oneiromancer's shop
Ironman concerns This is a safe death for hardcore ironmen


  • When ready to begin the quest, grab your weapon, armor, potions and speak to the Oneiromancer near the yew trees south of edgeville
  • Tell he you are ready to fight and she will teleport you to a platform within a dream
  • If you turn on protect from melee before speaking with her you can use it for the bosses, otherwise you will have to fight without it
  • The first enemy, a level 343 The Inadequacy will spawn, upon killing it a level 223 The Everlasting will spawn, followed by a level 274 The Untouchable spawning, and lastly a level 108 The Illusive will spawn
  • Upon killing The Illusive you'll be placed back in edgeville near the yew trees and that will be quest complete!


Lunar Diplomacy reward scroll.png
  • 1 quest point
  • Access to Lunar Spells
  • Access to the Oneiromancer's shop
  • Completing Lunar Diplomacy is a requirement to start Dragon Slayer II