Recipe For Disaster

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Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster in an early / mid level quest in which you will need to kill a variety a monsters.


Start You can start this quest by speaking to Gypsy at ;;Thieve in Edgeville. She is right next to the banking chest.
Description In our version of the Recipe for Disaster quest Gypsy has a few monsters she would like you to defeat.
Items Decent melee armor, decent melee weapon and some food.
Requirements 59 Magic, 53 Thieving, 70 Cooking, 45 Herblore, & 2 Quest Points
Recommended High melee stats.
Rewards Ability to buy Bronze Gloves, Iron Gloves, Steel Gloves, Black Gloves, Mithril Gloves, Adamant Gloves, Rune Gloves, Dragon Gloves and Barrows Gloves at the Culinaromancer's Chest at ;;Thieve in Edgeville.


  • When you are ready to begin the quest, grab your best melee armor, best melee weapon and some food.
  • Speak to Gypsy at ;;Thieve in Edgeville.
  • You will be teleported to a different location in which you will defeat a variety of monsters.
  • It is highly recommended you kill the first monster, exit, and re-enter 6 times as your progress will be saved.
  • Once you have either killed all the monsters or the first monster 6 times the quest will be completed.