Giant Squirrel

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For images and further resources on the giant squirrel pet, please review the OSRS official wiki:

The giant squirrel is a pet obtained as a reward from training the Agility skill.


Players can receive the giant squirrel from completing actions on various agility courses throughout the world. For each course on which receiving the pet is available, a published rate can be applied to the pet chance algorithm found on the pets page.

Agility Course Rate
Gnome Agility Course 35609
Barbarian Agility Course 44376
Wilderness Agility Course 34666
Seers' Village Rooftop Course 35205
Ardougne Rooftop Course 34440


The giant squirrel can be upgraded with the dark acorn to earn its alternate form, the dark squirrel.


Players can trigger dialogues with their giant squirrel when it is following them.


Player: So how come you are so agile?

Giant Squirrel: If you were so nutty about nuts, maybe you would understand the great lengths we go to!


Players can insure their giant squirrel with Probita.