Horror From The Deep

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Horror From The Deep

Horror From The Deep is a beginner quest that upon completion gives access to the Holy book, Unholy book, and the Book of balance.


Start Speak to the Jossik West of the Rock crabs in Relleka to begin the quest.
Description Jossik Is having troubles with a Daggannoth mother that he needs you to slay.
Items Armour and weapons to defeat a level 100 enemy that requires all styles to kill
  • 35 agility
  • 60+ in all combat stats
  • Stat boosting potions and food
  • 1 Quest point
Ironman concerns This is not a safe death for hardcore ironmen


  • When ready to begin the quest, grab your weapon, armor, potions and speak to the Jossik west of the rock crabs at ;;train in Relleka
  • Tell he you are ready to fight and she will teleport you to the dagannoth mother's den
  • When teleported there will be a level 100 dagannoth mother that changes colors. Based on the color she is below is a table showing what attack style to use based on her color
Image Colour Weakness What to use
White dagannoth mother.png White Air spells Wind strike, bolt, blast, wave, or surge
Blue dagannoth mother.png Blue Water spells Water strike, bolt, blast, wave, or surge
Brown dagannoth mother.png Brown Earth spells Earth strike, bolt, blast, wave, or surge
Red dagannoth mother.png Red Fire spells Fire strike, bolt, blast, wave, or surge
Orange dagannoth mother.png Orange Melee Any melee weapon
Green dagannoth mother.png Green Ranged Any ranged weapon
  • Upon killing dagannoth mother you'll be placed back in Relleka and that will be quest complete!


Lunar Horror from the deep scroll.png